#WHM2019: Josina Morita

Urban planner and the first Asian-American elected to a county-wide board in Cook County, Josina Morita is a Commissioner at the the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD). Elected in 2016, Josina’s passion for water stems from growing up in the drought-stricken Bay Area.
Josina understands that while infrastructure seems neutral, it’s interconnected to systemic issues that impact lives & shape communities.

Infrastructure and equity don’t often go together, and yet for Josina the agency’s clout and resources are opportunities to bring communities together to make smarter, more nimble investments that create sustainable & safe urban spaces.

She talks to 5,000 students annually, to cultivate a new generation that cares about water conservation & urban planning, to empower young people to get involved & run for office!