West Chicago Forward/Adelante

MUSE led West Chicago through a collective visioning process to define the future of the city, where more than half of the population identifies as Latino and primarily speaks Spanish at home. Bilingual and multicultural engagement was a cornerstone of this project.

We met West Chicagoans where they already were – Sunday church service, volunteering in a school, the food pantry, a youth summer arts camp, and popular local businesses. Our outreach was carefully and thoughtfully catered to West Chicago neighbors.

This award-winning comprehensive plan is designed to be accessible and approachable for all West Chicagoans, not just City officials. Through the use of graphics, putting the plans biggest ideas at the front of the plan, and including “spotlights” that celebrate community efforts and inspire ideas for implementation, this plan is for everyone.

In addition to creating a resident-focused Action Kit alongside the West Chicago Comprehensive Plan, we designed a “Champions Workshop” as the final phase of our work.

Project details

Client: City of West Chicago

Location: West Chicago, IL


To ensure youth and their families had a say in the planning process, our team partnered with a popular summer arts camp to align our process with their exploration of placemaking. It culminated with an outdoor showcase celebrating young people’s visions for their city.