We Will Chicago

Coordinating across seven research teams, an advisory committee, and community partners, MUSE led the development of Chicago’s first ever equity-driven policy framework. 

We Will Chicago is Chicago’s first-in-a-generation citywide plan. In Phase I, MUSE designed and developed a series of 14 community conversations covering eight topics. Working with City partners, community organizations, and the consultant team, we included more than 100 volunteers in this important work. 

In Phase II, we led a consultant team to facilitate the creation of a policy framework covering eight pillar topic areas. MUSE designed the process, facilitated pillar research teams, managed community partners, and coordinated across City agencies. We have incorporated a Health and Racial Equity Impact Assessment (HREIA) framework to develop people-focused policy recommendations.

The draft We Will Chicago policy framework was released on July 14, 2022. Our team has been leading public engagement across the city to get feedback from Chicagoans on the draft goals, objectives, and policies.

Two women write on postcards at a We Will Chicago event.

Project details

Client: Chicago Department of Planning & Development

Location: Chicago, IL


Our team managed the administration of more than $750,000 in stipends to community partners, volunteers, and artist organizers over the course of this project.