MUSE Made a Splash at the APA-IL 2019 Conference!

This year is the 5th anniversary of MUSE’s founding and for this year’s APA-IL state conference in Evanston, we wanted to share with our colleagues what MUSE is all about, the “MUSE method” that brings in theory, policy, and planning to envision inspired places imbued with imagination, vibrancy, justice, and sustainability. This year, MUSE was was unmissable as our team was present at every level of the conference – Romina Castillo led two sessions on intersecting mobility with equity, Vitaliy Vladimirov led a break out session challenging systemic thinking on sustainability and also took part in a “speed tabling” event where he shared how MUSE infused Vision Zero West Side planning with ideals of mobility justice to empower people. Plus, Vitaliy Vladimirov also won this year’s Emerging Planner award!

On top of all that, MUSE was a sponsor, and we brought to the conference some of our trademark whimsy and fun with hundreds of hand-made buttons, which we designed with a mix of urban planning slogans, puns, and quotes from famous urbanists – Jane Jacobs, of course, and also contemporaries who inspire us, such as Janette Sadik-Khan, Bryan Stevenson, Bill Bryson. Those visiting our booth also got to preview the forthcoming Vision Zero West Side Plan we worked so hard on in 2018, hear about our projects and how our varied perspectives work to serve the communities we work in.

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