Katherine Faydash - Senior Associate

Katherine Faydash (she/her) is dedicated to amplifying voices and ideas through personal and collective narrative—and then helping them reach a diversity of publics. She works across fields in publishing, planning, and strategic communications, which means she always gets to enjoy crafting big ideas and focusing on the little things at the same time.  

As a planner, communications specialist, and project manager, she most recently has partnered with research centers on policy projects around conservation planning and democracy. As editor, she has shaped hundreds of books over the years across dozens of fields. With a specialty in scholarly nonfiction, her favorite projects have touched on Latin America, urbanism, ethnography, and sociology. She edits, facilitates, writes, and researches in Spanish as well. 

Katherine is former adjunct faculty at DePaul University’s College of Law, where for many years she led an immersive practicum on human rights and community development alternatives in Mexico. She currently is an adjunct instructor in editing at the University of Chicago’s Graham School.