Divvy Is the Way to Go

Let’s see…I’m at Division and Damen and I need to get to the Loop.  That will take at least a bus and a train.  But wait, it’s nice out!  Divvy to the rescue!

I’ve been a Divvy member since they first launched in 2013 but I don’t use it as often as I should.  It takes retraining your brain to take into consideration an entirely new transit mode like bike-sharing.  It really can be the best way to get around, though, for those trips where neither car nor bus nor taxi make sense.  I’ve witnessed the rise in bike-sharing while traveling to Paris, Austin, and Washington DC.  I’ve heard the complaints from drivers about the rise in cycling in Chicago and we’ve all seen some bone-headed activities by Divvy riders but as people become more educated and experienced, the benefits will only increase.