Chelsa Moore - Senior Associate

Chelsa (she/her) is a dedicated community planner with a passion for cultivating sustainable and vibrant neighborhoods. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and Master’s degree in Urban Planning, she brings over a decade of experience in accounting, community outreach, and project management. She has written strategic plans, led community engagement and outreach, provided technical assistance to community organizations, conducted research on equity-based strategies for Transit agencies in Chicago, and more.

Chelsa’s approach to community planning is rooted in inclusivity and collaboration. She believes in engaging residents, businesses, and local organizations to co-create plans that reflect the unique identity and aspirations of each community. As a life-long resident of Chicago’s south side, she is committed to being a bridge to resources for underserved communities. Her many years of serving in her own neighborhood and local church inspired her to write a case study and do continued research on community building strategies and faith-based community and economic development. Believing that block clubs, grassroots organizations, churches, and small businesses have the capacity to be key drivers of change, Chelsa is committed to always amplifying their voices. “My philosophy is that the people who are impacted the most by decisions made in their neighborhoods are the best planners in their communities.”