Uri Pachter Joins MUSE // Market Analysis, the MUSE way

MUSE Community + Design is known for creating meaningful and impactful plans and processes and for creating a blueprint where none exists. The MUSE Method centers equity and empathy by pairing technical expertise with the lived experience of the community. We are thrilled to bolster the services we provide and expand this same approach to the practice of market analysis.  

Uri Pachter joins MUSE and will lead our Comprehensive Market Analysis practice. Uri brings a deep knowledge of data-driven housing and economic market analyses along with experience at mission-driven organizations, engaging stakeholders and communities, and consulting for government agencies.

Uri Pachter

Uri has performed 100+ market analyses in Chicago neighborhoods, Chicagoland municipalities, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and beyond. He will bring this experience to help identify (re)development opportunities that reflect the shared vision of the community and are grounded in market realities. 

At MUSE, quantitative data is a tool, not the result. We use data to test assumptions, pair it with the community’s aspirations and desires, and inform plan recommendations. As a team, we have more than 20 years of experience with economic analysis, economic development administration, and economic development policymaking at the corridor, neighborhood, city and regional scale.  

In addition to general market analyses, we also perform residential market analysis, housing needs assessments and affordable housing plans as standalone documents or a part of a larger planning process. Rather than simply examine past trends or current conditions, we tailor our recommendations to guide inclusive growth. Our recommendations focus on leveraging existing infrastructure and community assets to ensure housing, transportation and employment are considered together to improve quality of life. 

Our comprehensive approach goes beyond boilerplate data outputs to find ways to address persistent inequities in the local economy and housing market and present practical recommendations to achieve them. As planners, we believe we have an important role to play in creating strategies and policies to eliminate barriers and provide opportunities for those who have historically been disenfranchised.   

MUSE will build on its work with municipal clients to offer this powerful new service to communities that desire an equity-focused Comprehensive Market Analysis, one that is more accessible and reflective of community desires. We are delighted to welcome Uri to our team and expand our offerings to better serve communities in Chicagoland and beyond.