Online Engagement

MUSE works to create online campaigns that supplement our in-person work, creating content that people not only respond and engage with, but can provides a value to them – otherwise they’ll just keep scrolling. Whether we invite people to click through, share their email, or fill out a survey, we make the process seamless and allow people to share ideas along the way.

Website Design

MUSE creates customized, mobile-ready, search-engine-friendly websites that act as a digital data hub where MUSE can post questions, surveys, maps, past plans, and other relevant project data.

MUSE  employs SEO techniques to make the sites we design visible to search engines and include Google Translate functionality to make it translatable into Spanish and other languages.

Social Media

MUSE employs its expertise in crafting strategic social media campaigns to drive awareness, clicks, and engagement. MUSE works in a process that is self-reinforcing, nimble, and adaptable to meet the ever-changing context of these platforms and project needs.

MUSE knows that rubber stamping content across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter won’t get much of a response. Instead, we are strategic in how much to post where and when. Taking advantage of these differences and tailoring our content is key in reaching our target audiences.

Engagement platform

MUSE is expert in employing and managing various digital feedback platforms and knows when to use which. These platforms allow us to create custom maps, surveys, and idea walls to supplement our stakeholder management tools, track contacts, and build relationships with those who engage with our campaigns.