Adam Glueckert - Associate

Adam Glueckert (he/him) is committed to supporting the needs of communities through public engagement and relationship building. His interdisciplinary approach includes environmental justice, community organizing, planning, equitable design, and project development. Through this process, Adam creates and facilitates programs that protect and elevate the quality of life for individuals and families.   


As a project manager and community advocate, he has cultivated partnerships across fields in many communities, both in the Chicago region and beyond. As a researcher and editor, he has supported environmental and transportation publications. With a specialty in anthropological research and data analysis, he has assisted programs that have helped inform policy makers on the importance of equity, diversity, and sustainability.


Adam has a master’s degree in Urban Planning from University of Illinois Chicago and an extensive background in environmental justice. He spent several years working with families on the North and South sides of Chicago where he created and managed programs focused on utility rights, pollution reduction, financial literacy, and violence prevention.